Be a Sorcerer/Pirate/Special Agent/Explorer!

Besides your normal ride type attractions, there are some interactive attractions that you should check out at the parks. These attractions involve going on adventures or quests to complete tasks and missions and are meant for kids but even my husband and I have had fun playing them. For the time being, Hollywood Studios is the only park that doesn’t have an interactive type attraction like these but we may see one at some point! The best part is all of these attractions are included with your park admission.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

To play Sorcerers, visit the Fire Station on Main Street to pick up your starter pack including a map, Sorcerer Key card (or if you have a MagicBand they will just link your game to that) and a pack of spell cards. Sorcerers features 9 quests, each last about 20-30 minutes. There are 20 Magic Portals located in all lands of Magic Kingdom except Tomorrowland. To play you follow the map to find the portals on your quest. When you find one you hold up your Key card or Magic Band to activate the portal. A Disney Villain will appear that you’ll have to defeat using your spell cards that you also hold up. After you defeat the villain it gives you a clue for the next portal you’ll need to visit to continue the quest.

The spell cards are given randomly so you may get a different set depending on when you visit. Each person can get a pack of spells even if they’re not playing. There are also special spell cards given out at special event such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Very Merry Christmas Party. There are also special spell cards for sale as well as binders to keep your cards in. You will see some hardcore Sorcerers playing the game with their binders filled with cards. It’s also common practice to trade with other players so don’t be afraid to approach them!

If you complete all the quests and defeat Hades, you get to pick up an extra set of spell cards that day and also can move to the next level of the game. Don’t feel pressed to get it all done in one day, your progress will save! Just use your key card again to pick up where you left off.


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A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas

To begin playing A Pirate’s Adventure, visit the little building in Adventureland to the left of Golden Oak Outpost. It’s easy to pass up but there’s a small sign outside that says A Pirate’s Adventure. Inside you’ll link your MagicBand to the game and grab a map. If you don’t have a MagicBand you’ll get a card. Unlike Sorcerers, your missions will take place only in Adventureland. There are 5 quests and each take about 20 minutes to complete. Like Magic Sorcerers there will be spots you have to find and scan your band to activate them. While Sorcerers is more on a screen, Pirate’s Adventure is more interactive things that happen in the environment. I’ll post pictures of what I mean below. At then end of each you can return to the Pirate’s Adventure building and pick up a special collector’s card for that mission. If you complete all 5 quests you get a special signature card from Jack Sparrow.

For the time being, if you complete 2 quests of Pirate’s Adventure they will give you and everyone in your party a FastPass for Pirates of the Caribbean. This is awesome because you can earn your FastPass if you weren’t able to get one! It’s unknown how long they’ll continue to do this but they are still doing it now.


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Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

What makes this interactive game so unique is that you play it on your own smartphone. You can visit the booth located at the entrance to the main bridge to world showcase for help with signing up or visit  on your smartphone while at Epcot. Once signed up, choose between China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico or United Kingdom Pavilions. A series of clues will lead you thru the pavilion of your choice on an adventure to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Prompts and clues on your phone will activate interactive items in the environment. It takes 30-40 minutes to complete each mission in each pavilion. One important thing to keep in mind: Your progress doesn’t save from one day to the next! So finish up whatever pavilion you’re doing before leaving otherwise you’ll have to start from the beginning next time.

Wilderness Explorers

Out of all the interactive experiences, this one is my family’s favorite. It’s less a game and more of an educational tour for kids throughout the park. You start by getting your Wilderness Explorers book on the bridge leading into Discovery Island. The book contains a map showing you all the locations you can visit and earn badges. The badges are stickers that you place in your book as you complete each task. All of the tasks have an education component to them. My daughter loves this as it’s visual progress she can see and because you get to keep the book it’s also a great memento to look back at.

Unless all you do is going around collecting the badges, it will take you more the one visit to complete the book. We completed ours over 3 visits to Animal Kingdom on 2 different visits to Disney World. When we went back this last time some of the badges had changes which is good because it means it changes up so you can do it over again and have it not be completely repetitive. This is also a great show and tell item for your child to bring to their classroom and fulfills a lot of schools “education” requirements for vacations during school.

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