My parents took my to Disney for the first time when I was 7 and again when I was 9. Truthfully I don’t remember the details of those trips. I remember being with my family and I remember the joy but I don’t remember the planning, all the rides, where we ate, and all the other nuances of those trips.

Me at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic KIngdom

At the end of the day that’s not what any of you will remember either. You’ll remember the joy with your loved ones. The memories made at Disney World last a lifetime and the blissful feeling the World creates is something that keeps many coming back time and time again. Consider yourself warned, it’s addictive!

I didn’t go back to Disney until I was 29 years old with a 3 year old daughter of my own. In 20 years a lot had changed. When I called to book the trip I remembered the nice cast member on the phone saying “Have you made dining reservations? You can make your Fast Pass reservations at 60 days, do you need that date? Will you be using the Magical Express?”

I had no idea what she was talking about. Not a clue. Lost doesn’t even begin to describe it. Here I was just booking a vacation, thinking it was like any other and it was like someone was speaking to me in different language. I was too embarrassed to ask what all these things were and just answered with “I’m all set” before quickly hanging up the phone as the panic set in. It’s a good thing we live in the time of Google. I hopped on my lap top and typed ‘what’s a fast pass?’.

After some extensive internet research and reading a guide book cover to cover, I was ready to call back and get it done. This time, I was prepared. I was confident. I was booking this trip!

That was the beginning of what would become nothing short of an obsession. It’s not just Disney World itself that gets you but if you’re a planner like me, you’ll relish in the planning. I love it almost as much as the trip itself. Picking the right time of year, the right resort, the right parks on the right days, getting my favorite restaurants reserved and all the Fast Passed on my wish list is a thrill. My itineraries are a labor of love.

My daughter, center, and my husband beside her. I’m right in front ofI sta them on the left.

That first trip was truly magical. The picture to the right describes it, no words needed. We were sold. Next thing we know, my husband and I are buying Annual Passes and planning our second trip just 5 months after the first. My daughter is asking for her room to be re-done Disney Princesses. I’m joining Disney Facebook groups left and right and my husband is researching money saving ideas. (Because let’s be real, Disney is expensive!)

A few more vacations later and I’d consider myself somewhat of an expert. I say somewhat because there’s always something else to learn. I still watch Disney vlogs on YouTube and pick up things I didn’t know before. Recently I have become more interested in the history and behind-the-scenes. Did you know the company names you see on the Main Street building windows are the fake company names Walt came up with when buying the land for Disney World?

I started this site after a May 2018 trip where I not only had to plan for the three of us but also my parents who were joining us. It was an amazing vacation and my father had remarked that if it wasn’t for me there’s no way they would have got to experience all that we did. I decided that I’d love to help others have that kind of fun filled vacation with as much ease as possible. MOM Disney was born!

This site is a constant work in progress. In addition to running this blog I also have a full-time job and all the other normal responsibilities that come with being a wife and mother. I add content and posts as often as I’m able. If there’s something you’d like me to write about or research, please reach out as I’m always looking for ideas!

Please understand that while I would love to help everyone plan their vacations, I’m obviously not able to do so (I’m also not a travel agent). So if I don’t answer every single “should we do 50s Prime Time or Sci Fi?” or “should I Fast Pass Splash Mountain or Space Mountain?” question, don’t take offense. It’s just impossible for me to keep up with it all. And honestly, my opinion is based on my tastes which could be completely different from your own. My best advise is to set priorities. Research the attractions and the restaurants and the resort. Prioritize your must dos and stick with it. That’s the best way to make the most of your time in the World.


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